Yobs aimed fireworks at cars traveling along main roads in Essex last night as police dealt with nearly 2,000 incidents on Halloween. 

The Essex Police force control room revealed officers across the county responded to 1,873 incident yesterday (Sunday, October 31) - more than 500 more than the previous Sunday. 

Of that total, 171 involved fireworks. 

Call handlers revealed some of those incidents actually saw fireworks set off along or near main roads, and were aimed in the direction of passing cars. 

It tweeted: "Sadly, we have seen some reports of fireworks being used on main roads in Essex.

"Some of which were recklessly aiming them at moving traffic.

"This poses a huge risk to road users and we ask that this is reported to us on 999 ASAP to catch those responsible."

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The force control room went on to add it received more than 100 999 calls in one hour overnight, adding: "It has been a much busier Halloween than last year.

"Again a lot of the calls tonight are regarding fireworks being set off dangerously, our call takers, dispatchers and officers are working hard this evening."