"NO spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face,” goes the John Donne poem, The Autumnal.

When the leaves turn, our usual summer walks are suddenly resplendent in autumnal hues of brilliant yellows, scarlets and russets.

What better way to spend a weekend than going for a lovely walk, especially if the low autumn sun makes an appearance. We asked Echo readers their favourite places to go for a stroll.

Kirsty Deeprose said Langdon Hills woods across to One Tree Hill was a favourite spot to walk her dog.

Langdon Nature Discovery Centre in Basildon is set in a nature reserve of 461 acres which comprises of woodland, meadows, lakes and former plotland gardens.

Denzil Charles Blackgnome, favours Hockley Woods, which “is lovely in fall”. The wood cover more than 130 hectares, and it is the largest remaining area of the wild wood, which covered Essex after the Ice Age 10,000 years ago. The woods are a complex mosaic of different trees, each species growing where conditions are most favourable. Oak and sweet chestnut grow on the higher ground; birch on the most acidic soils; hornbeam on the wet clays; willow, hazel and ash along the streams.

Gemma Brown recommends using the app “Walks in Essex” to choose her weekend autumn walk. The app is part of a long-term community project to discover every great walk in the county. The launch version features 150 different walks in and around the area. The app is designed to help people explore the county on foot. Search for Walks in Essex on your app store to find it or visit www.localwalks.co.uk/walks-in-essex.

James Grew says: “Belfairs woods would be my go to spot” for a leisurely walk at the end of the week.

Gary Jones favours Belhus Woods Country Park with its 300 acres in Aveley, which combines ancient woodland, kid’s play area, meadows and lakes with a visitor centre and cafe.