A NURSERY is ‘compromising children’s health and safety’, Ofsted has reported.

Little Stars Day Nursery in Southend was rated ‘inadequate’ – the lowest possible rating – in every inspection criterion for its first Ofsted rating since registering in 2020.

The Chancellor Road nursery was visited by Ofsted inspectors last month who deemed children’s health and safety to be “compromised”, adding, on the day of inspection, the nursery was “failing to meet” required staff-to-child ratios.

Inspectors noted hazards had gone unchecked by staff and management was failing to undertake effective risk assessments.

“As a result, not all areas of the premises are safe for children to use,” Ofsted inspectors said.

Children were also said not be “challenged or engaged” and as a result were not developing properly.

“At times, children are left to occupy themselves; for example while staff carry out routine tasks, such as cleaning tables after lunch,” the report states. “Staff do not engage with the children in any meaningful learning that is tailored to meet their individual needs… The lack of interaction means children are not motivated or inspired to learn.”

Ofsted was further critical of the organisation – which also runs a second nursery by the same name in Shoeburyness – for ‘poor quality education’.

“Staff do not use the information they gather from assessments well enough to inform their planning for children,” Inspectors said. “For example, where children are currently developing their speech and language skills, staff focus on recognising colour. This means that staff are not able to offer children the support they need to make the expected progress in their learning.”

Staff were also criticised for failing to promote good hygiene after inspectors said younger children were not always being supported to wash their hands before meals.

Members of staff were however praised for their "suitable" understanding of child protection. Inspectors said staff understood what signs and symptoms would raise their concern about children's welfare and the procedures to follow in these situations.

The nursery has been contacted for response.