ROADWORKS on a stretch of the A13 are ‘causing chaos’ but repairs have been put on hold until the end of the week.

Work is set to begin to fix a dip in the road – or ‘uneven surface’ – on the A13 near Vange and the A176 junction.

Essex Highways says the lane closure, which leaves just one lane open, is “necessary in the interests of safety” despite the fact work will not begin until Friday (November 12).

Hockley resident Graeme Hook uses the A13 to drive to and from his office in east London five days a week.

“Barriers appeared along the lane on Monday of last week, and I’m not sure if they are expecting it to heal itself, but nothing has been done about it so far,” explained Mr Hook.

“There is just one lane left in operation at the moment along that stretch. This is creating chaos on a road that is already overwhelmed with road works,” the 60-year-old said.

Essex Highways says a full road closure will be needed to carry out the repairs, and as a result, work cannot begin until Friday due to a pre-existing road closure on the A13 in Thurrock.

Mr Hook is fed up with constant roadworks along the A13 – which is largely managed by Essex County Council and from the Stanford-le-Hope bypass onwards, is managed by Thurrock Council.

“There is further roadworks down the A13 near Stanford-le-Hope where they are widening the road which has gone on for ages and then even further along are more roadworks at Saddlers farm for the seemingly never-ending drainage works,” continued Mr Hook.

“It seems like the whole road is constantly being fixed. On a good day it adds at least thirty to forty minutes onto my journey but most days it’s an hour and-a-half or more. It’s horrendous.”

Thurrock Council is undertaking work to widen the A13 from two to three lanes in both directions between the A128 and the A1014.

The works started in 2019 and were originally planned to be completed by autumn 2021.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways said: “Although the problem affecting this section of the road has been there for some time, we know it has significantly worsened over recent weeks, with soft ground likely to be the problem. Due to the further deterioration, we have put a lane closure in place for public safety.

“We are in close liaison with Thurrock Council to coordinate any future lane closures along the A13.

"We apologise for any inconvenience and congestion the necessary lane closure is causing whilst we plan and carry out the repairs needed.”