A BRIDGE at key points on the A127 must be considered to help save lives, councillors and campaigners insists.

Some form bridge has been discussed for years but Basildon councillor Kerry Smith fears it is now more important than ever as more homes are planned.

Specific locations include the Mayflower Retail Park or by the Dick Turpin pub.

It comes after an inquest heard Christian Taylor, 36, from Wickford, died as he crossed the road close to the Dick Turpin pub on Christmas Day in 2019.

Mr Smith, Independent member of the Basildon local highways panel said: “We are seeing more housing developments taking place and a bridge could help residents.

“We do need to get people from one part of the borough to another and a bridge for both cars and pedestrians could work. There have been enough warnings and it’s time to turn tragedies into something positive with extra links to different towns.


“It’s not something the panel could afford and I think the Government should look at it as part of long term road improvements.”

Bernard Foster, chairman of the Bowers Gifford Parish Council said it would be good to have a bridge near the Dick Turpin pub or Mayflower Retail Park.

He said: “We do need safer means of crossing that road and I know there’s been a big cost of similar projects nearer Southend. I think it is important people can cross and use the road in a safer way. I can see the benefits of crossings at the Dick Turpin especially in the summer and the same with the Mayflower Retail Park too.”

In March 2003, Leearna Briggs, 16, and Shara Stone, 27, both from Pitsea, were fatally hit by a Land Rover. Traveller Billy Burton, 35, from Benfleet, also died in 2009 while trying to cross the A127.

Joseph Sheridan, from Wickford, died after being hit in February 2016, near Basildon’s Mayflower retail park.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “The best way to raise ideas is to speak with your local Essex County Councillor and they can raise the idea at the next meeting of the Local Highways Panel (LHP).”