Essex Police is asking motorists caught up in the protests on the M25 and M11 by Insulate Britain to get in touch to help their investigations. 

Members of Insulate Britain staged protests at key junctions of the M25 in Thurrock and Brentwood in September and October. 

It saw demonstrators stand in the middle of roads and stop traffic from passing for several hours on a number of occasions. 

Police arrested 94 people in connection with the five protests staged in Essex and detectives say they were working hard to secure convictions. 

They are now looking to speak to drivers inconvenienced by the protests. 

This includes people who could not attend medical appointments, could not attend planned work or who missed anything significant through the disruption.

However, this does not include motorists who were simply caught in the congestion caused by the disruption.

Det Serg Christopher Arnold, who is leading the Essex Police investigation, said: “We are aware these incidents have caused a significant amount of disruption to motorists and many people have been significantly inconvenienced by them.

“Our complex investigations are progressing and we would now like to hear from anyone who has not yet spoken to us but believes they have been inconvenienced by the disruption.

“I know a substantial number of people will have been simply delayed by the disruption but specifically I would like to hear from anyone who could not attend medical appointments, could not attend planned work and therefore missed out on payment, missed, or were severely delayed, attending any significant life events.

“Coming forward will help us progress our investigations and help ensure we can keep the county’s roads moving freely in future.”

Anyone who was significantly inconvenienced should email

The protests happened on September 13, 17 and 30, and October 13 and 29.