A dad has come up with an ingenious way to deal with his pre-school daughter’s endless artwork ... by saving it in a box labelled "for when she moves out and has her own fridge".

Simon Harris, 38, developed the perfect solution to his four-year-old daughter Emma's endless supply of drawings which she requests to put on the fridge.

Instead of keeping them all, or sneakily binning them, the dad-of-four hilariously bought a box to stash them all away in.

Blogger Simon, from Southend, cleverly labelled the box ‘Emma’s artwork for when she moves out and has her own fridge’.


Since implementing the strategy last June, Simon said it has been a total success, taming his daughter’s wild creative instincts without having to bin anything.

Simon said: “Emma is very creative and arty – all my children are, they don’t take after me.

“At the time she was in reception and would bring home god knows what passed off as ‘artwork’.

“We’d never tell her we were binning it but certain things would disappear into the abyss.

“Since the box, Emma has become even more hardworking - she only wants to put the good stuff in.”

The dad to Luke, seven, Emma, five, James, three, and eight-month-old Thomas, said the house was becoming swamped with artwork.

He said sometimes this would just be “a dot on a page”- and inevitably he and wife Rachel, 36, would have to make some disappear.

But the family came up with a smart way to avoid the endless piles of paper from Emma, then four, who was their main culprit.