RESIDENTS of Essex are being encouraged to get their Covid jab as part of the Big Vaccine Weekend.

This weekend, the NHS are holding a ‘big weekend’ of walk-in Covid-19 vaccines as part of a major national drive by the NHS to increase Covid-19 vaccination rates.

This ‘Big Weekend’ comes after the announcement that 40-49 years olds can now receive their Covid booster jab.

To be eligible for the booster, you need to have had your second vaccine 6 months ago (182 days).

However, to get a jab this weekend, it does not matter whether it is your first, second or booster jab that you need, all are welcome.

More walk-in slots are being made available in Essex, and Essex County Council are highly encouraging Essex residents to get involved to help protect ourselves and our loved ones against the virus.

The NHS website states the Covid-19 vaccines are the best way to protect yourself and other and that a coronavirus booster vaccine dose helps improve the protection you have from your first two doses of the vaccine.

For more information on walk-in appointments and Covid-19 vaccines, visit the NHS website.