Campaigners gathered outside Essex Police headquarters to protest the innocence of the convicted murderer Jeremy Bamber.

Bamber was convicted in 1986 of murdering five members of his own family in what became known as the White House Farm Murders.

But yesterday protestors from the Jeremy Bamber Innocence Campaign (JBIC) congregated outside Essex Police HQ in Chelmsford to hand a letter to the Chief Constable BJ Harrington.

The letter, which was taken to the HQ by human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, demanded the release of evidence which, protestors claim, was not used in Bamber’s murder trial.

The JBIC was told police officers that neither Chief Constable Harrington, nor any other members of the senior police team were in attendance to receive the letter from Mr Tatchell.

Instead, Mr Tatchell was accompanied by two members of Essex Police, and handed the letter to the Essex Police HQ reception desk.

When asked whether he thought the chief constable would actually read the letter, Mr Tatchell said he was convinced the case had to be taken seriously by those at the top of the criminal just system.

He said: “I’m certain the letter will be seen - it’s just a great pity that no senior officer was willing to accept it.

“Jeremy Bamber is one of hundreds of people across this country protesting his innocence and is not getting a fair deal from the criminal justice system.

“What is exceptional about this case is that Bamber has been protesting his innocence for 37 years - that is unheard of in the criminal justice system.”

Mr Tatchell added he was “more hopeful than ever before” that there will be resolution in the Jeremy Bamber case.

“I cannot say for certain whether Jeremy Bamber is innocent or guilty,” he said.

“But what I do know is he never received a fair trial, because masses of evidence was never presented.”

After Mr Tatchell handed the letter over to Essex Police HQ, Bamber then spoke to members of the JBIC over loudspeaker from the high security prison HMP Wakefield, saying he hoped the wheels had been set in motion for him to receive a fair trial.

He said: “This is just the start of our campaign for disclosure.

“Let’s hope the Criminal Cases Review Commission and Essex Police co-operate and hand over the exculpatory evidence.”