AN URGENT review of social housing in Southend must take place if a family with nine children end up sleeping on the streets, a councillor has insisted. 

Gemma Adkins, and her nine children, fear they could be homeless if Southend Council cannot find them a house before they are evicted from their Shoebury home. 

Tory councillor, Daniel Nelson, called for a review of council housing if the family are not given a suitable property. 

He said: “On face value it seems concerning.

“I’m just hopeful something can be worked out.

“I think the issue is largely down to space, but I think this is clear evidence that as a council, there needs to be a review for the social housing that we have and how can prioritise that.

“But I hope there is something the council can do and that the family can be supported.

Councillor Brian Beggs believes councils should always be able to prevent families sleeping rough. 

He said: “They should always chase to get some sort of support or advice and action in place, so the family don’t end up on the streets.

“With is coming closer to Christmas and the weather getting colder it only makes the situation of homelessness even harder.”

Councillor Meg Davidson, who is part of the Health and Wellbeing Board,admitted it is difficult to find a property for such a large family. 

She added: “That would be very worrying, and desperately sad to be in that position, but the council have a statutory duty to help, and they would do everything they could.

“There are nine children, that is a challenge to find accommodation that would be able get them all in.

“I can understand the lady feeling very upset especially it being wintertime, and of course you would want to stay together.

“But it is much harder to find accommodation for such a large family. I would be very surprised if the council did not do there upmost to help.‘Review needed if we can’t find home’