HAVE you ever wondered if your area is a hotspot for burglaries?

Here we take a look at the roads with the most reported burglaries in south Essex.

Across Thurrock, Basildon, Castle Point, Rochford and Southend there were 239 reports submitted by the public.

Burglaries in 2020 were down massively from 2017 - which in part may be due to the pandemic - but also continue to be down for the year so far (2021).


2017: 1,941

2020: 945

2021: 631

Difference between 2020 to 2021: 314 fewer

Percentage change: -33.2

Offences per 1,000 population: 3.3

Castle Point:

2017: 511

2020: 238

2021: 231

Difference between 2020 to 2021: 7 fewer

Percentage change: -2.9

Offences per 1,000 population: 2.5


2017: 347

2020: 199

2021: 196

Difference between 2020 to 2021: 3 fewer

Percentage change: -1.5

Offences per 1,000 population: 2.2


2017: 1,394

2020: 940

2021: 882

Difference between 2020 to 2021: 58 fewer

Percentage change: -6.2

Offences per 1,000 population: 4.8


2017: 1,341

2020: 805

2021: 644

Difference between 2020 to 2021: 161 fewer

Percentage change: -20

Offences per 1,000 population: 3.7

Here the Echo has put together a map plotting where every report in south in September (the latest available data).

You can use the map to search for areas across the area.

It also tells you the latest information on whether an investigation is underway or has been completed.

In Thurrock, the largest concentration of reported burglaries are centred on the roads surround Grays train station with reports on Sherfield Road, Exmouth Road, and Clarence Road.

In Laindon there were also numerous reports on residential roads within a close proximity to the train station.

Poppy Gardens, Turner Close, Southwell Link and Aston Road were among those were burglaries were reported.

In Southend there were a concentration of reports in Prittlewell with reports of homes being burgled in Kenway, Glenhurst Road, Sycamore Grove, Sutton Road and Stuart Road.

Chief Superintendent Simon Anslow, the Essex Police lead for burglary, said: “Here in Essex, burglary is one of our force priority areas. We know it has a significant impact on the wellbeing and the safety of our victims whose homes are broken into. Indeed, it is among the most violating of crimes.

“And as part of that focus, we have a presumption of attendance to every residential burglary and, if that is not the case, there must be a very good reason – such as it being historic and therefore not likely that a visit would have evidential value.”

As part of the force’s approach, we also regularly review where we are seeing hotspots, linked offences or repeat victims and where we see repeat suspects or have known burglary offenders wanted for other matters.

Chief Supt Anslow added: “However, I would emphasise that, despite the figures showing a promising trend and our own focus on driving this crime down, the biggest deterrent remains self-assessment in the home.

“That means – even as the days and evenings stay lighter and warmer – locking doors and windows and leaving car keys well away from plain sight through windows.”

For advice on how best to keep your home safe, go to: https://www.essex.police.uk/cp/crime-prevention/protect-home-crime/