THE UK Independence Party has come under fire after declaring it will have a candidate stand for Sir David Amess’s seat.

The party announcement, which comes after Labour and Liberal Democrats pulled out as a mark of respect, say ‘continued failures by the Conservative Party’ led to the MP’s death.

Tories say the party members “should be deeply ashamed of themselves”.

UKIP has now announced that Steve Laws will be standing as a candidate for the Southend West parliamentary by-election following the death.

Sir David, 69, was stabbed to death at a constituency surgery in Leigh-on-Sea on October 15.

Ali Harbi Ali, 25, has been charged with murder and preparation of terrorist acts and is due to stand trial next year.

Ben Walker, UKIP’s national party chairman, has released his strong words as to why they are putting up a candidate.

He said: “Having checked the history of standing aside to give the incumbent party a free-run at a seat they held, I can tell you that there is simply no precedent. This occurred for the first time when Jo Cox MP was murdered.

“How is it right to give the Conservative Party a free ticket to shoehorn in a candidate to the seat of Sir David Amess.

“We are the only party willing to be honest about his death rather than mask it with woke words and ‘respect’ for fear of upsetting the ever-growing do-gooder contingent who plague the UK’s establishment and media.

“Instead of defending our country, the government and political class do everything they can to facilitate and enable illegal immigrants’ entry and settlement to the detriment of three million people already on social housing waiting lists across the country and the British taxpayer.

“These migrants have little interest in the UK itself, only what they can get from us without actually having paid into our system.

“We have seen it before and unfortunately, we will see it again. Six million people have been allowed to live here since the Tories took power in 2010.

“This is simply unsustainable, putting our NHS, schools, housing, and services under immense pressure. It’s simply not an argument about race – it’s about space.

“Democracy itself commands respect and that’s exactly why we are standing in Southend West, to highlight this issue to the electorate.

“It’s time the difficult issues were addressed and UKIP isn’t afraid to discuss them.”

To read more about the other candidates and parties standing and the Southend West seat visit the Members of Parliament UK website.