POLICE arrived just in time to save a car from being pulled apart at a ‘chop shop’ in Basildon.

Officers from the town were joined by Essex Police’s dog unit and the Specialist Stolen Vehicle Examination Team (SVIU) during a raid at an industrial site yesterday.

They found a recently stolen Range Rover inside a unit, along with several other stolen vehicles which had been snatched by thieves and were being pulled apart.

The SVIU unit said on Twitter an investigation into the chop shop is ongoing.

It wrote: “Following teamwork with police in Basildon and the dog unit, we attended a small industrial area in Basildon yesterday & located this recently stolen Range Rover which hadn’t met it’s fate yet.

"Other remains located there were examined by us that weren’t so lucky.

assisted by our local colleagues and CSI we spent a number hours on scene.

“Vehicle safely recovered and will be returned to its rightful owner ASAP.

“Our investigation continues.”

Anyone with information about the illegal site should contact police on 101 and quote incident 99 of November 30.