PARENTS with prams and residents using disability scooters are “unable to safely use a pavement” due to a telegraph pole, forcing people to walk in the road. 

The telegraph pole sits in the middle of the pavement on Rectory Road, in Hawkwell, and there is no pavement on the other side of the road. 

Rochford councillor Julie Gooding has been contacted by countless residents concerned about the issue and worried about mums and wheelchair users being forced to walk in the road. 

Essex County Council has insisted it is unable to help, with the telephone belonging to Openreach. 

Mrs Gooding said: “I have received correspondence from residents who have extreme difficulty in accessing their footpath when driving their mobility scooters.

“This has become more of a problem with increased use of mobility scooters, buggies and prams as they are unable to pass safely.

“This put vulnerable people in a very dangerous situation, or the alternative is not to go and get their own shopping, losing their independence and reducing their life experiences.

“This is not acceptable and should be addressed by the County responsible for providing safe access for pedestrians and footpath users.”

Essex County Council insisted they are unable to do anything about the telegraph pole, and concerned residents need to contact Openreach, which maintains telephone cables across the UK, 

An Openreach spokesperson has insisted the issue will be looked into by the firm. 

“When building or improving our network, wherever we can we use our existing duct-and-pole network to avoid digging and disruption for residents.

“But in order to reach some homes and business, we may need to carry out roadworks or put-up new poles.

“We strive to select and site our infrastructure sensitively, balancing this with the need to meet local demand for broadband, TV and other communication services.

“We carry out strict checks to make sure new equipment follows the correct process.

“We are investigating to find out what has happened in this case.”