This video (below) shows the moment a delivery driver hurled a parcel over a fence - and struck an elderly woman in the eye. 

78-year-old nan Marcia Hart, 78, was left with a black eye after she was hit by the package in Westcliff. 

It was thrown by a DPD courier who was caught red-handed on door-cam footage throwing the package over a communal fence. 

He had asked Marcia to sign for the package, which was for a neighbour, but decided to simply throw it after she had declined because she did not know who it was for. 

The footage shows the driver checking behind him before throwing the item. 

Speaking about the incident which happened on Saturday, Marcia said: "I had been reading in the communal garden.

“He was ringing the doorbell and just ranting, so I went to tell him off. It was annoying me and I tried to explain I don’t know my neighbours so I can’t collect it.

“He kept moaning so I went outside to open the gate where he was and it came over and whacked me.

“I was shocked and horrified. It wasn’t too heavy and I don’t know what was inside but it gave me a black eye and grazes.

“By the time I had realised what had happened, the driver had left. I was stunned.

"It was horrible.”

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Marcia, who is a former lawyer, shared her story with The Sun after reading about a DHL driver who threw a £50 scooter over an 8ft wall. 

In response to the incident in Westcliff, a DPD spokesman said: "At DPD we take customer service and the behaviour of our people very seriously indeed, which is why we’ve topped the Money Saving Expert parcel delivery customer satisfaction poll for the last eight years.

"The behaviour of our driver here is unforgivable and completely unacceptable.

"We are carrying out a full investigation and will take action, as appropriate.

"We will also be making a full apology to the individual concerned.”