POLICE have seized an off-road motorbike which was being driven anti-socially ‘plaguing’ residents for days.

Officers from Essex Police’s Wickford Community Policing team seized the bike on Thursday, December 2 after residents had lodged complaints about the driver causing a nuisance in The Wick.

Residents provided officers with a description of the bike allowing police to locate the offending vehicle and seize it from its owner.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “A great result for Wickford Community Policing Team and for the residents of Wickford. PCSO Grant, PCSO Edwards and PCSO Webster found and seized the attached nuisance bike which has been plaguing Wickford for the last few days.

“Residents provided enough description of the bike and the riders to enable us to identify the owner and seize the bike.

“Without you calling and providing us with information which was pivotal to identifying the owner and bike we wouldn’t have found it so quickly.”