A LOST lizard has left his family delighted and vets mystified, after he was found in the woods four-and-a-half months after he ran away from home.

George the Chameleon escaped from his owners’ home in Leigh on July 19, when he climbed his favourite tree in the conservatory and sneaked out of the window.

Yet four months later a dog and his owner stumbled upon the one-year-old pet in Belfairs Wood.

They took the pet to a reptile shop, and an appeal on social media finally led to them being reunited.

Owner Louisa Reynolds, her husband Andy, 14-year old son Jake, and 10-year-old daughter Lucy, couldn’t believe it when they found out.

She said: “We are still in shock. To have found him, and for him to be in a fairly good condition after what he has been through, it is a miracle. Lucy and Jake are so happy too.

“The dog walker that found him is a real hero, I don’t think he could believe what he was seeing, And I can’t every thank him enough.”

Pet chameleons usually live in a heated enclosures so for George to have survived for so long outside in these temperatures is surprising.

Or as Louisa said: “The reptile workers were shocked at how long he had survived.”

Wes Wingate, who found George, said: “I noticed my dog was sniffing something in the ground and as I got closer, I saw the chameleon. At first I thought it was a toy but then it started moving.

“I thought I was going mad but when I found out the owner had eventually been found, I was somewhat relieved but also surprised to find out he’d survived there since July.”

George lives in a large enclosure in his family home, and his owners had already searched Belfairs Wood because of its proximity. 

However, because chameleons are so good at camouflage the chances of finding him were considered almost impossible as they could stare directly at George and still not be able to see him.

Louisa added that she would love to know what George had been up to: “I really wish he could talk to tell us what he has been up too, I’d love to know how he survived all this time!”