A WOMAN has told of the frightening moment her bus crashed into another parked bus as it pulled into a station in Southend.

Arriva UK Bus has confirmed an investigation is underway after a number one bus crashed near The Royals Shopping Centre station at about 10am on Tuesday morning (December 13).

Images from the scene show damage to the front bumper of the bus and shattered windows along its left side.

Part of an NHS advert on the side of the bus calling for people to get booster vaccines was dislodged by the impact.

“As we were pulling into the Royals bus station the bus crashed into another parked bus,” explained passenger Chloe Lomax.

“Staff from Arriva coming running over and were shouting at the bus driver that he was coming too fast.”

The 32-year-old Shoebury resident added: “The other bus was parked, that was the weird thing. How have they managed that.”

After the incident Arriva bus depot staff took names, numbers and accounts from the passengers involved.

Bosses at the bus firm have since confirmed an investigation is underway into how the accident occurred, including a review of onboard CCTV.

“When he picked me up from Shoebury I did think to myself that his driving was a little too fast,” Ms Lomax said.

“I didn’t feel right on the bus from when I first got on. The whole journey I did not feel comfortable.”

The incident has shaken Ms Lomax up, who says she is now fearful of taking the bus again.

“It was really frightening because we were all shaken about by the impact,” she said. “I felt sorry for the elderly people on board. I was mainly concerned for an old woman near me as a lot of glass from a broken women fell near her.

“It makes me feel like I’m not even safe to get on a bus now. Obviously, they haven’t got seat belts so that doesn’t help. But you are supposed to feel safe, and this has made me question that.

“The crash could have ended up much worse and we’re lucky none was seriously hurt.”

Simon Finnie, Arriv South Area Managing Director, said: "I would like to assure all of our customers, that this incident will be fully investigated and that our buses are safe for everyone to travel on."