Nine Insulate Britain protesters have been jailed or given suspended sentences following protests on the M25.

Earlier this year multiple protests caused large-scale disruption on the M25 near Lakeside Shopping Centre.

Lord Justice Dingemans and Mr Justice Johnson handed down sentences at a High Court hearing in London on Wednesday.

They handed prison sentences of two months and 30 days to two protesters, while the seven others received two-month suspended jail terms.

National Highways claimed the protesters had breached an injunction and were in contempt of court.

Lord Justice Dingemans said each protester had accepted they had breached a court order and were in contempt.

The two judges heard Insulate Britain had organised protests which disrupted and obstructed the M25 on several days in September.

A judge had subsequently made an order barring protesters from staging protests on the M25.

Further protests had taken place in October, Lord Justice Dingemans and Mr Justice Johnson heard.

The protesters said they were compelled to act to highlight Britain’s so-called “leaky homes”.

One defendant, the Rev Sue Parfitt, 79, from Bristol, had said: “Wasn’t it worth me sitting on the motorways to flag (our) message, and to interrupt people’s lives for an hour or so, in order to protect our children?”

She was given a two-month suspended prison term.

Lord Justice Dingemans said there had been “very substantial” disruption.

“The effect on those marooned in the traffic is not difficult to contemplate,” he said.

“There is a risk that emergency services will not be able to respond.”

Lord Justice Dingemans went on: “Workers will be late for work.

“Drivers and passengers will be late for appointments or meetings.

Dr Diana Warner, 62, from Bristol, was given a two-month prison term.

Dr Ben Buse, 36, from Bristol, was given a 30-day term.

Seven others were given two-month suspended terms.

They were: Biff Whipster, 54, from Canterbury, Kent; Paul Sheeky, 46, from Warrington, Cheshire; Richard Ramsden, 75, from Halifax, West Yorkshire; Ruth Jarman, 58, from Hook, Hampshire; Steve Gower, 54, from Gloucester; Steven Pritchard, 62, from Radstock, Somerset; and Sue Parfitt, 79, from Bristol.