Police have released shocking photos of a suspected drink-drive crash last night.

Officers from the Chigwell Roads Policing team were called to the incident in Pitsea.

They suggested the collision may have been caused by drink-driving and speeding.

The team tweeted : “Chigwell Roads Policing are on scene at collision in Pitsea.

“This is what happens when you mix alcohol, speed and fail to wear your seatbelt.

“Thankfully this is not fatal.”

It comes as Essex Police continue to warn about the dangers of drink-driving.

They launched their annual campaign earlier this month to raise awareness about the issue.

Head of roads policing, Adam Pipe, said: “Alcohol and driving doesn’t mix.

"Don’t let it ruin your festivities, leaving your loved ones at home waiting for you to be released from custody, or worse, never coming home at all.

“The consequences of drink driving can be life-changing – it could lead to you losing your licence, your career, your home.

"Or worse, it could cost you or someone else their life.

“It won’t just affect you; it will affect your partner, your parents and your children.

“Imagine the face of your child on Christmas morning as they open their present, but you’re not there.

“Your presence means the world to them, why wouldn’t you want to be there for them?”