The RSPCA has revealed its top rescues of 2021, with two in Essex among the somewhat bizarre list.

The charity is often called out to rescue trapped animals, with volunteers going above and beyond to help those in distress.

In 2021 alone, 281,390 incidents were reported to the RSPCA’s frontline teams via the emergency rescue hotline.

Bosses have picked out 21 of those incidents in their yearly round-up, with the majority of the list a little weird to say the least.

The two incidents in Essex were:

  • A seagull being freed from a rubbish bin Chelmsford A cheeky gull needed help after getting stuck inside a litter bin!

Animal rescuer Chloe Frost said: "It seems he got in without a problem, but getting out wasn't quite as straightforward.

“The gap in the bin was just a little too small for him to get out on his own.

“I'm really glad the people who spotted him gave us a call as it was a simple rescue for me that helped the gull back on his way again.

“I made sure to check him over but he was in good health and a nice healthy weight too. Maybe he'll think twice about climbing in a bin again!"

  • Kitten gets head stuck in rat bait box in Frinton The curios cat got more than he bargained for when he stuck his head inside the box.

Rescuer Jason Finch: "This poor little kitten had managed to get himself totally stuck in this box.

“It was a tricky process trying to get him out of the box without causing him any more distress, but thankfully I managed to get him free."

The kitten, named Mishmish, was taken to Danaher Animal Home for TLC and a warm bed.

Other bizarre rescue operations launched by the RSPCA this year included feeing to badger who were trapped on a canal ladder in Wales, a snake slithering out of the toilet at Coronation Street actor Harry Visinoni’s home, and a dog that got stuck behind a water tank at home after it got a fright and went into hiding.