Simeen Richardson teaches people how to cook authentic family recipes that were passed on to her from her mum Naseem.

The cookery school, Naseem’s Kitchen, is named after her mum, who is her culinary inspiration.

Conservative Councillor Julie Gooding went along to one of Simeen’s classes, which are based in Rayleigh.

Julie said: “I was blown away with colours, flavours, passion, charisma and enthusiasm oozing from this beautiful young Indian lady.”

It was leaving behind her mum’s magical meals that spurred Simeen to learn to cook for herself.

She said: “I have always had a passion for cooking but when I moved away from home it made me realise that I wouldn’t always be able to get the takeaway parcels I used to get from my mum. That and the fact I couldn’t live without daal!”
Classes run every other weekend and during the week.

Visit for details.