Ben Trebilcook, screenwriter and film producer from Southend, gives his review of the film See What She Did ahead of it showing at the Horror-on-Sea festival this weekend.

"WHEN one thinks of horror, some immediately imagine ghosts, ghouls and slasher movies. However when the word ‘horror’ is looked up, one will find it defined as an intense feeling of fear, shock or disgust.

This is exactly what audiences will expect from See What She Did. It is horror in its defined sense.

The film was made on a shoestring budget during Covid, in late 2020, by a host of Southend’s filmmaking talents, including writer-director Daniel Keeble and starring actress Samantha Anderson, with music composed by local Josh Winiberg.

Audiences of See What She Did will be wanting a repeat viewing, having been left with many questions, as all is not as it appears to be in this beautifully shot, one-location short film. Set within woodland, Cassie (Samantha Anderson)traipses across a field with her friend Stephanie (Elena Clements) in flowing summer dresses and pitch up camp.

The lighting is wonderful and makes you feel the girls are going to pour themselves a drink from a bottle of Robinson’s Barley Water and watch Wimbledon on top of Henman Hill.

However, the mood quickly turns in terrific fashion and it appears Cassie is somewhat impressionable and being led by a wayward, risky Stephanie. If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise.

Yes, See What She Did ticks all the boxes of a traditional horror film, but those said boxes aren’t those usual stale, dusty, crumpled ones where audiences know what to expect, these boxes are fresh, interesting and long-lasting, as I believe the filmmakers involved will continue to be. We should be proud to have such creative talents in the City of Southend and support and champion all of them.

It is written and directed by Daniel Keeble and stars Samantha Anderson and Elena Clements.

Produced by ARK Indie Productions. See What She Did is playing at Southend’s Horror-on-Sea film festival, where cast and crew from ARK Indie Productions will also be present.

She What She Did will air on Sunday 16 January at 12.30pm. The Horror-on-Sea film festival is located at the Park Inn by Radisson Palace Hotel and runs until Sunday 23 January.

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