AMBITIOUS plans to transform a Basildon estate have taken a step forward after the council resorted to the “last option” of issuing compulsory purchase orders for seven homes.

The multi-million redevelopment of the estate and re-provision of up to 1,375 residential units at Craylands Estate had been delayed in Phase North after the council had to issue a compulsory purchase order.

The programme has an estimated completion in June 2023, on the subject that subphases become vacant, with construction originally beginning in early 2018.

Delays to this stage known as Phase North now look to have been sorted after Basildon Council issued a compulsory purchase order, which is a legal process allowing authorities to require the sale of if it obstructs any development project that benefits the greater public good.

Councillor Anthony Hedley said the development is in the third phase now and that a compulsory purchase order would have only been issued if the council were unable to obtain an agreement with the owners.

He said: “It's the only option the council have otherwise the whole block can’t be developed, you can’t build around those that can’t agree, so it would be the last resort from Basildon Council if they can’t come to an agreement.

“They'd never use a compulsory purchase order unless it was the only option they had left.”

The project begun in 2017 after Swan Housing varied their original 2008 development agreement with Basildon Council.

With the re-development the estate is also being renamed from Craylands to Beechwood Village.

In the first two phases Swan Housing delivered more than 600 new homes.

For Phase North there are 23 homes for affordable rent, 10 homes for shared ownership and 63 homes for private sale.

The compulsory purchase orders were placed on seven homes, that have individual flats within them, of four in Peterborough Way, two in Wells Gardens, and one more in Chichester Close.

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