THE much-applauded local based alternative entertainment event Culture as a Dare, is back with a “cautious re-emergence into the live scene”, bringing another collection of leftfield artists to its Southend audience.

During the pandemic, Culture as a Dare (CAAD) has been keeping those hungry for ‘music with a difference’ enthralled via a variety of YouTube events.

The new batch of live performing artists will be presented in seafront venue Twenty One, just at the bottom of the pier lift on Western Esplanade, on Saturday February 26, at 8pm.

Culture as a Dare curator, promoter and musician Emma Reed, said: “All the three acts booked are well overdue on our stage.

“The acts range from the atmospheric soundscapes of Southend electronic genius Rorquals, who has been busy creating many film soundtracks, to the absurdist jazz fusion of London’s Astrakan, who I first saw in a basement venue blending soothing jazz dripping in psychedelia with lyrics about your housemates never doing the washing up.

“Then it’s on to some life affirming psych folk from Rev Simpkins from Colchester, who’s ‘Sing Your Life’ video brightened up many a dark moment at the start of Lockdown One for me, and became somewhat of an anthem for our You Tube channel.

“The song itself had been recorded a long time previous and was actually about surviving cancer and gaining a new appreciation of life on the other side, but the cheeky video showing him performing around the house, including singing in the bath, really hit the 2020 spot.

“Rev Simpkins is indeed a real pastor and is poised to release his new album Saltings. A Rev Simpkins album is not just a CD, it’s a beautifully designed booklet of original art and it’s this level of attention to detail that really shines through with all his work. It was fitting that the man who helped us get through the hard times should be joining us for our cautious re-emergence into the live scene.”

Admission is £8.