THE Echo has put together the data that shows the number of Covid deaths recorded in south Essex on each day there will ‘illegal’ parties and gatherings held at Number 10.

It comes as Boris Johnson is due to make a statement in the House of Commons today regarding an investigation into the alleged gatherings held during lockdowns in the past two years.

The Prime Minister was handed a report on the investigation by civil servant Sue Gray and is expected to publish it following his statement.

Some details in the report will be left out due to the Met Police’s ongoing investigation into the events.

Here is a list of the alleged parties from PA News Agency:

• May 15 2020: Downing Street wine and cheese gathering in the garden

• May 20: “bring your own booze” garden party in No 10

• June 19 2020: Alleged birthday party for Boris Johnson

• November 13: a leaving party for one of the PM’s senior aides/ party in Mr and Mrs Johnson’s flat

• November 25: Treasury drinks

• November 27: A second No 10 staff leaving do

• December 10: Department for Education party

• December 14: Conservative HQ party

• December 15: Downing Street “virtual” quiz

• December 16: Department for Transport party

• December 17: Cabinet Office Christmas event

• December 18: Christmas party at Downing Street

• April 16, 2021: Leaving parties for former Downing Street director of communications James Slack and one of the PM’s personal photographers, the day before the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

The graph below indicates how many deaths were recorded in each area of south Essex on the days of these alleged parties:

The highest number of deaths in south Essex were recorded on December 16 - the day the government allegedly held the department for transport party.

The lowest record of deaths across south Essex were on the two dates in May 2020, which was when the infamous ‘wine and cheese’ and ‘bring your own booze’ events were held.

Data found from April 16, 2021 - the leaving parties allegedly held the day before prince Philip's funeral, has been excluded as no deaths were recorded.