British families struggling to keep up with rising household costs may be able to get up to £750 to pay off their energy bills.

The British Gas Energy Trust runs two separate funds aimed to help people pay off their energy bills.

One of the funds doesn’t even require recipients to be a British Gas customer.

It will serve as a welcome boost to UK households amid the cost of living crisis with the energy cap set to rise by as much as 50% in April.

How to apply for British Gast funds

Two funds are available to those struggling to pay their household bills but certain terms apply, here is all you need to know.

British Gas Winter Fund

British Gas customers can apply for grants between £250 and £750 to help write off energy bill debts with the average payment so far being £532.

To be considered for this grant you must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in England, Scotland or Wales.
  • Be seeking the grant to clear outstanding debt on a current gas, electricity or duel account in your name or household.
  • Have electricity/gas debt between £250 and £750
  • Do not have savings above £1,000
  • You must be in or facing fuel poverty

To be accepted for the grant you will need to show proof of all household income and share meter reading for your gas and/or electricity.

The scheme will run until the end of March or when the £2million fund runs out.

£1.75 million remains available to claim with British Gas estimating around 75,000 eligible customers are yet to claim.

Individuals and Families Fund

The Individuals and families fund is available to customers of any energy provider although similar criteria applies.

  • You live in England, Scotland or Wales
  • You have not received a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust within the past two years
  • You want to clear an outstanding debt on a current or open gas, electricity, or dual fuel energy account in your name or in your household.
  • You have electric and/or gas debt;
  • You do not have savings above £1,000
  • You have received help from a money advice agency
  • You must be in or facing Fuel Poverty

On top of meeting the criteria you will need to provide proof of money advice received in the past three months alongside proof of household income.

To apply for this British Gas customers will need to give a meter reading.

Customers of other energy suppliers will need to show a recent bill based on readings or an email from the energy provider providing details and outstanding balances.

To apply for both grants visit the British Gas Energy Trust website.