A SECOND World War veteran has been remembered as a “wonderful man” after dying aged 100.

Douglas Meyers died at his Southend home on January 13. The former Royal Navy gunner served for the full duration of the war from 1939 to 1945.

His son Kevin Meyers, 52, told The Echo how amazing his father was.

He said: “He was a character, he was a wonderful man, I was lucky to have him as a dad.

“We shared a lot of good times and I looked after him on my own for the last 10, 15 years, right up to the end.

“He also got what he wanted, which was to have the rest of his days in his bungalow and to die at home.

“For years it has been just me and him; but we had each other. I am very proud to have his as my father and if I could be half the man he was, I’d be happy.”

Mr Meyers’s wartime service saw him deployed in the Italian and north African theatres.

And 75 years later he won another battle, when he took on Southend Council at the High Court in 2019.

Mr Meyers, who by this time was a widower and had gone blind, was unhappy in his care facility and wanted to end his life in his own home.

After the court case he later phoned the judge, Mr Justice Hayden, to say that he was “living again” after being back in his bungalow.

Mr Meyers’s funeral will take place at Southend Crematorium on February 14. Although it is for close family, Kevin said any war veterans out there are welcome to come and pay their respects.

He said: “It is a funeral just for close friends which will be held in Southend, but we would welcome any war veterans that are able to, to come down and pay respects.

“As my father had so many stories from the war to share, he deserves the best send-off and I am so proud of him.”

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