ROMANTIC Natasha Heasman is going to be giving the gift of joy this Valentine’s Day.

The botanical artist is set to distribute dried flower displays along with a heartfelt poem in Leigh, Belfairs, Hadleigh and along the seafront up to Chalkwell.

Her aim to spread cheer and happiness for Valentine’s Day. “I hope that people read the poem and see the flowers and it makes them smile. There is a note there to say they can take them home.”

Natasha, 34, wasn’t always a fan of Valentine’s Day. “I used to be so pessimistic about Valentine’s Day. I thought it was a ‘Hallmark holiday’ and didn’t mean anything,” says Natasha, who lives in Leigh.

“But a conversation with a friend changed all that. She said I need to change my mindset and see that it is a day to celebrate love. I am a soppy soul and a big romantic and so it did change the way I thought about that day. Now I send cards to my parents, to my friends as well as my husband.”

The poem says: I hope you have spotted it shining upon the sea at sunrise, or glimmering through the trees as a new season arrives.

I hope you have felt the hum from your chest as you make memories with friends, and listened to its cries when it’s time to make amends. “I hope you feel its glow when you hold loved one close and remember to get outside to breathe in your daily dose.

I hope you’ve felt its vibrations when the sun warms your skin. But above everything. I hope that you’ve felt it deep within.

Echo: Heartfelt - the lovely poem and dried flowersHeartfelt - the lovely poem and dried flowers

The paper has been hand dyed with avocado skins and the plastic wallet is biodegradable. The fashion stylist has recently launched her botanical art business Studio Artemis. creating beautiful pieces using dried flowers.

“It all started since having my son Rupert. I go out on what I call ‘nature sleeps’ where I have him in the carrier so he can sleep and go for a walk in Belfairs woods,” says Natasha.

“ I bought a flower press from a charity shop and starting pressing flowers and everything has unfolded from there. I am really enjoying this work and the direction it has taken me in.”

Visit Instagram @thisisstudioartemis.