A man accused of killing a bar reveller with one punch has been acquitted as a second trial fell through.

Leslie Wiseman, 32, of Whitehouse Meadows, Eastwood, has been released after being accused of manslaughter of Basildon man Paul Wallington.

Basildon Crown Court was told Mr Wallington was hit outside the Vine bar in Brentwood High Street in the early hours of Christmas Day 2018.

Jurors heard previously that Mr Wallington suffered serious head and brain injuries from the fall, and died as a result of the attack four days later.

Today the jury could not come to a conclusion and was discharged and the court confirmed there will be no more trials.

During the case the court was told that Mr Wiseman was seen taking the victim into an alleyway and going in and out of the area before eventually getting into a car and driving off.

During the trial, Prosecuting, Christopher Paxton said: “Mr Wallington was taken to the Queen’s Hospital in Romford and given treatment and checked over. Perhaps understandably, he wanted to be with his family for Christmas and twice discharged himself against the advice of the staff.

“He suffered a significant traumatic bleed and bruising on the brain. By December 29 it was decided there was no hope and a life support machine was turned off.”

Wiseman had claims he acted in self-defence.