A SOUTH Essex doctor who altered taxi receipts in a bid to falsify expenses has been suspended for bringing the “medical profession into disrepute”.

Dr Heather Henry adapted taxi receipts after attending mandatory training days outside of the hospital between October 2019 and January 2020.

She was entitled to claim travel expenses for the training days, however altered three travel receipts to receive nearly three times as much as she was entitled too.

Following a hearing at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, Dr Henry was suspended for three months.

At the tribunal hearing, held on February 4, Dr Henry claimed she was “offsetting other expenses she had not claimed before”.


The report stated: “She gave some confusing live evidence about an ‘innocent explanation’ as Dr Henry had sought to justify her behaviour in her evidence to the tribunal, that she was offsetting other expenses that she had not claimed before.

“Dr Henry submitted that there had been no harm caused to patients, and no clinical concerns arising from this situation.

“It was her submission that it was never her intention to be dishonest or fraudulent.

“She said her behaviour was irrational and inexcusable and that these proceedings had resulted in personal and professional growth, and it was her hope that she could be given a second chance to serve the public and restore its trust in her.

“She had apologised repeatedly and early on in the process.”

At the time, she was working at Southend Hospital’s A&E, but as of August 2020 is a consultant at Basildon Hospital.

The claims included a taxi fare for £19.20, when the actual fare was £9.20.

Dr Henry also claimed £29.20 and £39.40 for taxi journeys, when the actual fares were £9.20 and £9.40.

After the claim was submitted, Dr Lucy Coward, director of medical education, noticed the taxi fares seemed “expensive for a relatively short journey”.

This was raised with the taxi firm, who confirmed the standard fare was less than the receipts and an investigation was launched.