WE take a glimpse at the wonderful world of dog grooming at Mr Pawfect in Southend.

The team give their pooch pals a wonderful pampering, including two baths per visit (well, us humans get two hair washes at the salon, so why not?).

Dean and Wayne go to great lengths to look after their dog guests. They both worked as cabin crew for 10 years and retrained after being furloughed during the pandemic.

The City & Guilds trained and qualified dog groomers launched the business in 2020.

Visit www.mrpawfect.co.uk.

What are the benefits of dog grooming?
Certain coat types need more frequent visits to the salon than others and depending on the cut and length the owner requests will also determine how often they visit the salon to keep on top of the coat. 
Coats that need regular haircuts need to visit the salon between four to eight weeks. As groomers we inspect your dog all over in every nook and cranny, areas where most owners wouldn’t, so the chances are we’ll spot changes in their body that the owners may not. We have found a number of lumps on dogs that the owners were not aware of and they then sought veterinarian attention. 

Do the dogs love grooming?
Some run into the salon and jump up onto the table and sit there with the look “I’m ready when you are”.  Then sometimes we have dogs shaking as their owners are carrying them in. Once we know what their fear is we will work with the dog to allow them to build confidence in themselves and trust with us. 

Echo: Pampered to paw-fection - one happy customerPampered to paw-fection - one happy customer

What are the popular styles?
Traditional styles or dogs in ‘full coat’ are often too hard for pet owners to manage so all cuts are tailored to suit the dogs and owners lifestyle. The dogs you see bouncing around the show ring are groomed daily and normally bathed weekly and are rarely found knee deep in mud in the park. During the consolation with the owner, we ask about their dog’s lifestyle to get an understanding what sort of cut will suit their dog’s life. 

What is the best thing about your job?
The bond with our dogs. We have groomed some since they were 14 weeks old, watching them grow up into beautiful dogs is one of the best things about our job.