A DAREDEVIL kitesurfer made the most of strong winds in Southend to become the first man to kitesurf over the pier.

Harry Calvert, from Hockley, has been kitesurfing since he was a teenager and headed to Southend seafront on Wednesday with “conditions perfect” ahead of Storm Eunice.

The 28-year-old has travelled around the world teaching the sport and was inspired by Lewis Crathern, a professional Kitesurfer, who jumped over Brighton Pier previously.

Echo: Over the pier - Harry Calvert, Kite Surfer.Over the pier - Harry Calvert, Kite Surfer.

Video footage shows Harry entering the water at the seafront, before gathering pace and taking off with a huge jump to clear the pier.

Harry said: “It is the sport I have dedicated most of my life too, and I actually learnt how to kite surf in sunny Southend with Essex Kitesurf School, nearly twelve years ago now.

“I then become an instructor aged 18, which has allowed me to travel and teach my passion in amazing locations around the world such as Thailand, Egypt, Australia and even on UK coastlines like Southend.

“For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be the first to jump Southend Pier, and jumping over the longest pier in the world sounds pretty unreal to me.

“Shortly after coming back from my travels last week, the conditions just seemed to match up perfectly with this week’s storm, so I put the message out to the crew, and we made it happen.”

Harry and his crew met at Chalkwell Beach at 10:30am on Wednesday to get ready and wait for the perfect moment. The team started at Chalkwell as it is the only safe place to launch the kite from that side of the pier.

Harry added the the jump was a “real rush” but he was ecstatic to have achieved his childhood dream.

He said: “I had previously attempted the jump one year ago but called it off simply because the conditions where not right, for something where there is little to no room for error, everything needs to be right.

“My nerves on the build up to the first attempt where pretty intense back then, this time round I felt surprisingly confident as I approached the pier on the water.

“The jump was a real rush and went perfectly, I even had an audience.

“I’m pretty ecstatic to have achieved a childhood dream here in my hometown inspired by the pros.

“I’m yet to get in trouble from it too, but it was so worth it anyway.”

To follow Harry's adventures see his Instagram @theharrycalvert