A BASILDON based director is holding a multiple screening event showing the work of local filmmaking talent at Southend Odeon.

Aaron Shrimpton who runs New Waverley Studios, a Bafta winning production company, is holding Southend on Shorts to celebrate the completion of his short film Arcadia Lasts.

The film, set in Basildon and Southend, captures a day in the life of two teenage girls as they bunk off school, the narrative as they go on their short journey, revealing the dynamics in their friendship.

It is now off to do the rounds on the film festival circuit.

Arcadia Lasts is a personal project of Aaron's, who, as New Waverley Studios, largely shoots commissions for blue chip artists and brands, specialising in art, music and fashion content via film, advertising and documentary making.

Aaron explains: "After the success of our test screening at Basildon Cineworld, with brilliant feedback, Arcadia Lasts is now completely finished and fully realised for the international festival circuit.

"Via the awesome Festival Formula, it's being submitted to 70 festivals around the world.

"To celebrate that achievement and send it off in the best way possible, we wanted to host a screening in Southend, where most of the film was shot.

"Having privately hired a screen at Southend Odeon we thought we'd also celebrate and share our space with the filmmaking and artistic talent of the area."

Also being screened are films by Rebecca Moss, Elsa James, Dan Keeble, David Antony George Morgan, Chris Powell, Marc De Groot and Maz Murray.

The event is also sponsored by international artist Ryca (@ryca_artist) one of Arcadia Lasts executive producers.

Southend On Shorts takes place on Sunday, March 13 at 11am in Screen 1 of the Odeon at the top of the High Street.

Most seats are now allocated but you can apply for free return tickets via aaronshrimptonfilms@gmail.com or instagram @new_waverley_studios