SHOPPERS at the Victoria Shopping centre were treated to a live art demo from cartoonist Darren Goddard.

The artist showcased is cartoon drawing wizardry at The New City Gallery, which opened at the centre this month.

“I did two live cartoon paintings within the gallery this week and it went really well. I enjoyed showing how I work and getting reactions from people who are interested in art,” says Darren.

Echo: Darren's work - his iconic characters Purdy and Bob the Squirrel Darren's work - his iconic characters Purdy and Bob the Squirrel

Artists Niki Cornish, Andy Downes and the team created the gallery where art is rotated regularly allowing a lot of work to be shown. The project is funded by the artists and the artwork is for sale to the public.

There is an artists’ window space where visitors can regularly watch artists at work on their latest creations.

Darren is also one of the artists displaying their work at The New City Gallery. His well-loved characters include Purdy  the dog and Bob the Squirrel.

Echo: Live demo - Darren working by the window at the gallery.Live demo - Darren working by the window at the gallery.

The gallery welcomes in the public to view the eclectic artwork on display as well as any talent local artists who want to exhibit their work.

There is currently a six-week occupancy agreement for the space. They are currently on week four and would like to extend the occupancy.

Darren said: “Niki Cornish and the team have worked so hard to make this work and it has worked extremely well. The hope is we can get the agreement extended and keep the gallery there. 

“We know ourselves how much art and having a creative outlet can save some people. We want to give everyone that that chance, to make art and to enjoy it.”

Darren wants to let anyone interested in taking part, not to be intimidated and get in touch.

“Any artists who are turning up with work please don't be nervous about it, all of the staff are like minded artists.

“I'm a cartoonist most places reject me, I also stutter, most places reject me. This gallery welcomed me with open arms and I think you've seen the photos of me helping out and doing a live cartooning thing, and that's me, if I can ,you lot certainly can.”

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