ADAM Woodyatt and Laurie Brett - aka Ian and Jane from Eastenders - will be coming to the Palace Theatre next week to star in Looking Good Dead.

Given five stars and described as a "theatrical masterpiece" by Encore Review, the production is based on a story from the thrilling Roy Grace series by multi-million number one best-selling author Peter James.

The play follows the story of Tom Bryce, who hours after finding a discarded USB memory stick, inadvertently becomes a witness to a vicious murder.

Actor Woodyatt said: "I play Tom Bryce, he’s a businessman, husband, father, basically a very normal bloke. So he’s easy to relate to in many ways.

"It’s a really brilliant production. Peter James’ story is excellent, and the script has been adapted beautifully. It’s got thrills, fun, twists and turns and I am confident that people can have a lovely evening or afternoon out. Plus, you can get an ice cream in the interval.

His on screen and on stage co-star Brett, who plays Tom's wife Kellie, added: "Kellie is a very interesting character; on the surface she seems like a suburban housewife but she’s actually multi-layered.

"For me, she’s a woman who has some sadness in her, a real sense of unfulfillment – unfulfilled talents, unfulfilled dreams – and she has some secrets. She’s like a swan, that glides along, looking good, but she’s frantically paddling underneath. She has a lot of guilt and regrets, which for me is very interesting to play.

"I don’t really relate to her as I don’t have any regrets, and I wouldn’t put myself in the same position that she puts herself in."

Woodyatt and Brett on Eastenders worked together as one of Albert Square's most well known married couples, never short of a dramatic storyline.

Woodyatt said: "This time it’s on stage and not on TV. It’s great working with Laurie again, it’s very easy, comfortable. There is a familiarity that is just there."

Brett added: "It’s no different at all. Adam and I had an instant chemistry way back in 2004, and whether it’s on stage or on screen, we’ve got a shorthand that you’ve either got or you haven’t, so we’re very lucky in that respect.

"We know each other so well, so it’s a great thing, getting to play with the characters and explore their dynamic.

"It’s no different to being on the telly, we just have to be slightly different technically. It’s an absolute joy."

When asked about their fondest memories from being together in Albert Square, Woodyatt said: "There were so many moments… the live episode, the tandem, the braying horse! And I’m looking forward to having more memorable moments.

Brett added: "There’s so many, there’s too many to even think about.

"One that sticks out was on my eighth audition for the show (EastEnders). Out of the corner of my eye I could see this person’s head popping around the corner while I was filming a monologue to camera – it was Adam. After my audition he came up and introduced himself and escorted me out of the studio.

"When I actually joined the show, he just went, ‘I knew it would be you!’ From the minute we met we just couldn’t stop chatting, we really get on, and understand one another."

Looking Good Dead will be at the Palace Theatre in London Road, Westcliff, from Monday March 14 - Saturday March 19.

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