A BELOVED pet dog had its neck broken in a violent attack by an XL American Bully, leaving the owner with a £1,500 vet bill.

Bella, a 10-year-old shiz tzu cross poodle, was left fighting for her life as she spent two nights at the vets following the attack by an off-lead dog in Gloucester Park.

Bella’s owner attempted to intervene and pull the XL American Bully off his pet, but he was unable to because of the dogs strong grip.

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Following the attack, on Thursday at around 2:30pm, Bella was left with a broken bone in her neck with a tooth embedded in her lower jaw.

The 58-year-old owner said: “I was out walking my dogs at the Ghyllgrove side of Gloucester Park, and as I had thrown a ball for my dogs playing fetch, out of nowhere this huge dog came running over.

“The American Bully had no lead and no muzzle and grabbed Bella around the neck, throwing her round like a rag doll.

“I immediately started screening at the owner to come and help and she just ignored it and carried on walking.

“I tried myself to get the dog off, but it was so powerful I couldn’t.

“Eventually some other passers-by noticed and came to help, and eventually got the dog off, I thought I had lost Bella at one point after as she stopped breathing.

“I was in shock.”

Following the incident, Bella was rushed to a nearby vets where she had three drains from her neck and needed a two-night stay.

Due to all the treatment, the owner now has a vet bill of around £1,500, which could still grow

The owner, from Laindon, added: “It isn’t just about the money and the vets bill but the bigger picture, has this dog done this before, or could this dog do it again.

“It could have also been a child instead of my small dog, and I fear the way that dog acted, he could strike again.

“A dog of that size and clear aggression, should not be off a lead without a muzzle.”