EastEnders cast and crews are filming at Adventure Island and on Southend seafront again today.# The top BBC soap is in town for about three days for filming for the top show.

Fans have been spotting the stars including Martin (James Bye) and Stacey (Lacey Turner) were seen by Sian Walding, who was on holiday in Southend.


Bosses of Adventure Island are very pleased to see and host the TV stars, crews and producers.

Philip Miller MBE, owner of the seafront attraction, said: "An exciting day at the park with filming of EastEnders continuing on."

The show has been coming to Southend ever since it first aired, and councillors and traders alike are pleased to see it return.

The show’s character have ventured to Southend for various storylines, beginning with a trip by the Fowler family in 1985. Pauline, Arthur and Michelle headed to the coast to find son Mark, who they discovered with a new girlfriend and her sons who called him ‘Dad’.

Even more memorably, in 2013 Alfie Moon and Roxy Mitchell were supposed to be getting married, only for him to jilt her at the altar.