A TEENAGE girl has been left devastated after her horses were bitten and set upon by a couple of dogs.

The horses, two of which belong to Izzy Bellinger,15, and mum Emma, 46, were attacked late one evening in one of the fields off Flemmings Farm Road, Eastwood.

It is thought two dogs, wearing flashing collars, were able to break into the field before carrying out the attack and running off.

Fences. posts and wires were damaged during the incident, with the horses having to now be moved to another place permanently.

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Emma, who is 46, says she has been left furious by the attack.

She said: “Even though these horses are owned by us, they really are my daughters, and so she is absolutely devastated that this has happened.

“The lady who lives opposite to the field called us and said she heard the horses going crazy, with two flashing collars running around the field, with a man calling for his dogs.

*Warning - some readers may find the photo below distressing*

“By the time we got to the field, the dogs had gone, but all four horses that were originally in different paddocks, were all running around together, going crazy at each other.

“Every single plastic post had been snapped, the electric wire was broken, and our two mares had bite marks on their faces, plus bite marks on the other horses too.”

The horses are a mix of stallions and mares and were being kept in separate paddocks in the field.

However, they were able to mix with each other after fences were broken by the dogs.


The incident has left Emma and Izzy with a hefty £500 bill to cover for vet care and the cost of moving the horses to a new field.

Emma said the attack, which happened around 9.30pm on Friday, had been upsetting for both the horses and their owners.

She added: “We had to get five people to help us round the horses up which took up until around 2am Saturday morning.

“It has been so traumatic for the horses too, as we have had to move them after the fences were damaged, it has also been costly for us too.

“I am just so sad, so upset and angry at the dog owners for having them off their lead and not under control.

“It also hurts to think of my horses being hurt and scared.”