An Essex venue was featured in one of the photos that received an award at the 2022 RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) Photographic competition.

RHS Garden Hyde Hall was the setting for Alex Chapman's photo, which helped him receive the Under 11s award as well as the Overall young winner award.

Called  ‘World’s Colliding’, it features a pond reflection captured at RHS Garden Hyde Hall blending the surface and water environments in a scene reminiscent of MC Escher’s ‘Three Worlds’ series.

The RHS said: "Taken with an iPhone XR, Alex’s work proves that beautiful photography can be captured even without high-tech equipment".

Echo: Alex Chapman's 'Worlds Colliding' picture (RHS)Alex Chapman's 'Worlds Colliding' picture (RHS)

Nicola Stocken, photographer, garden writer and competition judge said: "There were so many excellent entries in the Under 18s and Under 11s categories which was particularly encouraging.

"Alex Chapman, the Overall Young Winner’s image, immediately jumped out for a rare spontaneity, a real conversation piece: was it serendipity or the result of patience and planning?" 

The annual competition from the RHS hopes to inspire all-ages to explore photography, regardless of experience and take a creative look at their local plants and wildlife. 

The category winners will be available to view at the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show 2022 at Saatchi Gallery, open from April 9-29, or at the website here.