BASILDON will go to the polls in one month, with a third of the 42 council seats up for election.

Here is the full list of candidates in each of the 14 wards, from the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Wickford Independents, Independent, British Democrats, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, and Reform parties.

You can find the candidates standing elsewhere in south Essex, and all election news ahead of the May 5 vote, at our website

Billericay East

Peter Bunyan (Lab)

Laura Clarke (Lib Dem)

Andrew Schrader (Con)

Billericay West

Sally Bunyan (Lab)

Anthony Hedley (Con)

Timothy Nicklin (Lib Dem)


Andrew Baggott (Con)

John Daffin (Lib Dem)

Malcolm Reid (Lab)


Tracey Hilton (Lab)

Terri Sargent (Con)


Vivien Howars (Lib Dem)

David Kirkman (Lab)

Sandeep Sandhu (Con)

Laindon Park

Christopher Bateman (Brit Dem)

David Goddard (Lab)

Jeff Henry (Con)

Stephen McCarthy (Lib Dem)

 David Murray (TUSC)

 Langdon Hills

Chris Allen (Con)

Walter Brown (Ind)

 Christopher May (Lib Dem)

Clarence Zwengunde (Lab)

Lee Chapel North

Susanna Caire-Neeson (Lab)

Norma Saggers (Reform)

Deepak Shukla (Con)


Stephen Nice (Lib Dem)

Chima Okorafor (Con)

Kerry Smith (Ind)

Dylan Wright (Lab)

Pitsea North

Jack Ferguson (Lab)

Sam Gascoyne (Con)

Martin Howard (Lib Dem)

 Pitsea South East

Michael Baker (Lab)

 Luke MacKenzie (Con)

 Wickford Castledon

Stewart Mott (Lib Dem)

 Alex Myers (Con)

Charlie Sansom (W Ind)

Matthew Wright (Lab)

Wickford North

Trevor Hammond (W Ind)

Nicola Hoad (Lib Dem)

Peter Holliman (Con)

 Joseph Nemeth (Lab)

 Wickford Park

Alan Ball (W Ind)

 George Jeffery (Con)

 Brenda Webb (Lab)