TWO former US presidents could be the key to saving a village from “catastrophic” A12 expansion plans after a concerned parish councillor called on them to help.

George W Bush, the USA’s 43rd President, and the foundation of the late George H W Bush, the 41st US President, could be the latest recruits to the Messing Action Group if campaigner Andrew Harding gets his way.

It comes as road bosses are preparing to widen the A12 to three lanes between Chelmsford and Marks Tey in the coming years.

Blueprints for the second junction at Kelvedon – junction 24 – will see it moved back west along the A12 and will link up with Inworth Road, near Messing.

But campaigners from the action group strongly oppose the plans which they believe will have a “catastrophic” impact on the village when HGVs are rerouted through it.

Echo: Campaigners - the Messing Action Group raising concerns for safety if traffic is divertedCampaigners - the Messing Action Group raising concerns for safety if traffic is diverted

So Mr Harding contacted the foundations of the presidents, whose family originally hail from Messing.

It is documented the family can trace their ancestry to one Reynold Bush, son of a yeoman farmer from Messing, who, in 1631, sailed from Ipswich to what is now Cambridge, Massachusetts.

There are ten references to the Bush family, which is aware of its history within the village, in Messing parish records, but no-one by that name now lives in the village.

Mr Harding hopes if George W Bush gets wind of what is going on, he will swoop in to help.

He said: “When we got wind of the A12 destruction bid, I contacted both Bush foundations.

Echo: Rural - concerns HGVs could use these roadsRural - concerns HGVs could use these roads

“It occurred to me they might want to know their village is about to be destroyed.

“I heard back from George W’s foundation stating it had received my email, was reviewing and will respond in due course as it is interested.

“It may well come to nothing, but if a former president did get on board it would be a fantastic thing.

“Regardless, the truth is the Bush family is currently once again looking into its history in Messing.

“It would create huge embarrassment in the House of Commons and add serious weight to our argument if they got on board.”