A POPULAR taxi firm has launched a partnership with Uber, giving travellers the chance to book with them through the app.

Uber has announced it is launching its "local cab" scheme in Benfleet and Canvey, with allows passengers to book a trip with "local taxi companies" via the Uber app.

Anyone using the latest version of the Uber app in those areas will now be presented with the "local cab" option, which will connect them to ABC Taxis.

The scheme officially launched yesterday.

Michael Hannan, director at ABC Taxis, said: “Partnering with Uber will provide more transport options to the local community allowing them to easily book trips via taxi.

“We are hoping that the extra trips Local Cab generates will also encourage more new drivers to join our fleet.”

This comes after Uber’s success with the pilot of Local Cab, which is now launched is more than 40 locations across the UK.

Andrew Sheldon, leader of Castle Point Council, said it is something welcomed to the borough and he hopes it becomes a success.

He said: “If it is going to benefit taxi users and drivers it is welcomed.

“As long as all drivers remain licensed and properly regulated.

“I think people like the convenience of apps like Uber, but also like to use tried and trusted local taxi services too.

“So, I hope the partnership is successful and delivers for customers and drivers.”

Local cab trips will be booked directly with ABC Taxis, and all subsequent customer support is provided by them even when booked through the Uber App.

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s Regional general manager, added this will help maximise earnings for taxi drivers.

He said: “We are excited to add Benfleet and Canvey to our growing list of locations across the UK where riders can access Local Cab.

“This will help maximise earnings opportunities for drivers while giving passengers more choice, meaning that everyone will benefit.

“We are looking forward to launching Local Cab in more UK towns and cities soon.”