JOHN Baron has taken the Prime Minister to task over Afghans who risked their lives to help the British but are still stuck in the country.

More than five months after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, the Billericay and Basildon MP raised the plight of 200 British Council contractors stuck in the country.

As a result of their work assisting Britain, they are eligible for evacuation via the Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy (ARAP) scheme.

“The Government and the British people have provided extensive support to Ukrainian refugees, but around 200 British Council contractors remain in Afghanistan, many of whom are fleeing the Taliban,” Mr Baron, chairman of the British Council All-Party Parliamentary Group, said in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

“I am awaiting a meeting with the Refugees Minister that was promised back in November, so will the Prime Minister use his good offices to speed that meeting along?”

The Prime Minister replied that he would ensure Mr Baron has his meeting with Lord Harrington.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Baron said: “Britain owes it to these contractors, who worked to further our values, language and culture in Afghanistan, to get them out of danger.”