RESIDENTS are “fed up” with lorries driving through their streets despite being banned from using the roads.

White House Road and Green Lane in Southend are being used by HGV drivers as shortcuts to both Southend Airport and industrial parks north of the city, according to councillor Paul Collins.

Vehicles weighing 7.5 tonnes or more are banned from using the roads, but angry residents say drivers are either missing or ignoring the signs.


“This is a small residential area and is not suitable for these large vehicles,” said Mr Collins.

“They get stuck, cause blockages, and are dangerous to the people - especially children who live here.”

Echo: Rules - A 7.5 tonnes sign on White House RoadRules - A 7.5 tonnes sign on White House Road

The councillor for Eastwood Park says the problem has gotten worse in recent months and residents “are fed up with it”.

He added: “The roads are not wide enough to cope with these lorries, which I think are using them because agency drivers are following Google Maps for directions and making their way from the A127 to industrial sites.”

Kelly Maine, 57, who lives on Green Lane, agreed: “They are so big and loud, and I worry for the safety of the schoolchildren at the primary schools.

“The lorries are blocking up the roads, causing congestion and sometimes even getting stuck.”

She added: “Drivers need to be held to account for breaking the rules before somebody gets hurt.”

Mr Collins has approached the council with residents’ concerns and is calling for better signage in the area to alert drivers to the rules.

However, Southend Council says enforcement of road rules is a police matter, and has instructed Mr Collins to forward details of offending vehicles on to Essex Police.

“Southend Council officers have asked residents who see a lorry driving through against these restrictions to note the registration number, the day and time and forward it to them, via myself at,” Mr Collins said.

John Burr, Southend's interim director for highways and parks, said: “We are aware of a high number of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) currently using routes with weight restrictions in place on Green Lane and Whitehouse Road.

“Whilst the routes have weight restrictions in place, the council currently does not have powers to enforce weight restrictions, and therefore can only be enforced by the police. However, we are currently undertaking a City-wide review of all HGV signage to provide clearer signage along the main routes and also updating our website to provide preferred routes for HGVs.

“In the meantime, we will be replacing the Green Lane HGV sign with a yellow backed sign to make it clearer for drivers.”