FOR all the hype being given to Five Guys now landing in Bas Vegas, anyone would think that the Ritz had arrived, too.

Basildon has already got more than 80 fast-food eateries.

Our hospitals are already full to over-capacity with Covid and other ailments, and with ambulances in short supply through staff shortages and a lack of beds, do we need more people queuing up in A&E with obesity problems that often leads to diabetes?

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I am aware that obesity is a very complex problem and that none of us should therefore take it lightly.

Obesity can cause a variety of health problems, such as type two diabetes and certain cancers and should be taken with concern both locally and nationally.

Basildon is no exception with its already high proportion of obese adults.

There are plenty of healthy eateries in Basildon without going to the usual unhealthy choices.

Vin Harrop

Rosslyn Road, Billericay