FOR personal trainer Dominic Foster, creating a positive environment for his clients to train is the best way to motivate them.

He makes sure to support and encourage them in achieving their goals, he is a positive role model on social media, and offers a great gym and equipment to utilise.

“I have learned through experience that the key to motivation is creating an environment where people want to train,” he said.
“This includes making sure they are surrounded by people they like, because they are taking time out from their family and friends in order to train, and offering a nice gym for them to workout in.
“When I started out, I thought it was my job to motivate people. However, I learned the motivation has to come from the person, and it’s about bringing that out of them and making training fun.”

Dominic trains his clients at the independent gym Athletica Fitness and Strength in Leigh Cliff Road, Leigh. He now co-owns the gym, and it is currently undergoing renovation to extend it.
“We are about to knock through to next door to create a bigger studio. It will mean we can offer group classes and have more clients in to train,” said Dominic, who has been self-employed for six years."

The positive motivator is an active presence on social media where he promotes a healthy mind and body.
“I find that people might follow me on social media for a while before they decide to train. I try to put things out there that reflect what I do and when they are ready to get in touch, they know I am the right PT for them,” said Dominic.
“It might take weeks or months but it’s about being honest about what I do and drawing people in that way.”

Dominic likes to keep in mind that it can be daunting for many starting out with exercise: “I had one client admit to me that he sat in the car park before his first session, and he was ready to go home because he was so nervous.
“I remind myself all the time that people might be nervous on their first session, and I do everything I can to make it as relaxed and fun as possible. Once they get that first one out of the way they relax into it.
“One thing I do well is really caring about my clients and their goals, I want them all to succeed.”

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