A BOLLYWOOD action film that filmed scenes in Essex has finally been released.

Heropanti 2, premieres this week, and will include action sequences filmed at Colne Valley Railway Station in Castle Hedingham.

The film is described as a romantic action film, and serves as a direct sequel to Heropanti, that was released in 2014.

It stars Tiger Shroff, who reprises his role as Babloo Ranawat after he made his film debut in the original Heropanti, alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Tara Sutaria.

The crew took to the railway in September last year, where they spent a week filming various scenes on the platforms, in the trains and around the station.

The scenes feature some of the station’s newer trains, as well as explosions, fight scenes, and jumping over bridges.

All the scenes were filmed under strict safety conditions under the guidance of both the Railways safety team and the production companies Shunt team.

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The synopsis details what the film is about, saying: “Heropanti 2 is about a man who helps people at night, whether that be saving someone from a robbery or kidnapping he is always there.

“The Indian government finds out about this and sends him to Russia where he has the mission of killing Russian troops at night.

“But somehow something goes wrong and the whole world thinks this is the leader of the Russian troops. Watch how he uses the darkness to beat the enemies and prove everyone wrong.”

The film premiered last Friday and has received positive reviews so far.

Umair Sandhu, who is a member of the overseas Censor Board, called it “the best action film to come out of Bollywood in 2022”.

Speaking on Instagram, he said: “On the whole, Heropanti 2 is a typical masala entertainer which scores high on action and performances from Tiger Shroff & Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

“With focus on entertainment, the film is without a doubt, the best action film to come out of Bollywood in 2022.

“It has all the merits to hit the jackpot. At the box office, it will be lapped up by the masses on the account of its masala quotient. 3.5 stars.”