A car had to be pulled clear from the water after getting stuck on a beach in Southend.

It is understood the Toyota became stranded on Shoebury Common Beach on Tuesday evening after it was being driven on the mudflats.

Despite attempts to rescue the stranded vehicle, it remained in place overnight and was partly submerged in the water due to the incoming tide.

An eyewitness told the Echo the car was eventually pulled free yesterday evening.

They said: “The people (inside the car) seemed to think you could drive up the slipway and around on the mud which, if you’re from around here, you know really isn’t a good idea.

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“It was actually stuck at the end of the slipway so it’s a good job the hovercraft wasn’t need because that’s one of the few places around here it can go from the water to the roads.

“As I understand, the occupants were out celebrating. 

"They apparently complained there weren’t enough signs around here to warn about driving on the beach.”

A photo of the stranded vehicle taken yesterday show it perched right by the water’s edge with police tape around it.

The car's bonnet was said to be underwater when the tide was at its highest.

It is understood the authorities were not involved in removing the car.

Southend Coastguard was contacted for comment.