A SINGLE mum has been left struggling financially after breaking her ankle following a fall, insisting the accident wouldn’t have happened if street lights were turned on.

Kellee Peters, 46, a self-employed cover teacher, is unable to work for up to two months after fracturing her ankle during a fall on Canvey.

The single mum was walking home at roughly 1.10am with her family after visiting a friend’s house.

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On the way home she didn’t notice a step on the pavement on Canvey High Street, due to the streetlights being off, causing her to trip and break her angle.

She has since needed surgery, leaving her unable to walk unassisted.

Kellee is now struggling financially, and is pleading with the county council to turn street lights back on overnight.

However, Essex County Council has insisted this is unlikely.

She said: “My brother and his family were over from Australia for the Easter Holidays, so we met at his friend’s house on Canvey with all the children.

“It was getting late, and after waiting an hour for a taxi that hadn’t turned up, we decided to walk home instead.

“It was very dark at this point, as the streetlights had gone off, and I didn’t notice the random step in the pavement, I fell and fractured my ankle.

“I still can’t walk on my leg three weeks on, and still won’t be able to for several more weeks, and as I am self-employed, I am financially screwed.

“I have also lost my independence along with my ability to work, and it is all because streetlights are off.

“It is dangerous, if you are out late, you are at risk due to visibility and bad pavements.”

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “We are sorry to hear about this woman’s fall and hope she makes a speedy recovery.

“The area where the accident took place is private land and is not maintained by us.

“Our streetlights in the area are part-night lighting so at 1:10am, when the accident took place, the streetlights would have been switched off.

“We are empowered as a lighting authority to light roads which in our opinion should be lit. However, we are not duty bound to provide streetlighting.

“Unfortunately, we cannot light all areas at all times, especially areas that are out of our remit.”